Client Setup

  1. Install Centrabit Trader.

  2. Click New account, follow instructions.

  3. When the app starts, check the bottom frame for update prompts. Updates are not automatic.

  4. Open the menu Other exchanges, select your favourite and then select one or more pairs. After that, you will now see new items on the menu of that exchange.

  5. Select your exchange again and paste your API keys. You can now access that exchange according to the permissions that you set for the API key.

  6. Explore the trading panes and the charting tools. But above all we recommend what is behind the menu Centrabit Trader/Scripts. To check out some sample scripts press the button Import. Documentation is here.

  7. If you want your algo to trade 24/7, install Centrabit Trader on a hosting service and run it via a desktop application. Contact support.